Sesame Place
Sesame Place


Try our Falafel, Shawarma, Kofta,  and traditional Curries, and find what you are looking for.

Traditional and Specialty Desserts

We offer Traditional Favorites and Special Favorites from the Mediterranean, Indian and Mesopotamian Regions as well.

Try Our Home-made Specialty Baklava and Basbosa Recipes perfected over time for that exquisite taste explosion, as well es other traditional Desserts we offer.


Halal and Kosher Dishes

When You request, we use only certified Halal and Kosher meats for Halal Dishes, always prepared fresh as you wait. 


Enjoy a refreshing Hibiscus Tea or  Fresh Mint Lemonade, or sit back and enjoy a pot of turkish coffee or East Indian Teas provided by Sahara.

Perfect Spices and Sauces

Take a look around and discover many great regional and cultural sauces prepared  only with the finest spices! Traditional sauces as well, for the something for everyone's taste!

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes prepared as you wait, for the most robust flavor and savory taste and highest quality using only the freshest and finest ingredients!


Vegetarian,Cream and Hearty Soups made daily using only the Freshest and  Finest Quality Ingredients!

Vegetarian Soups Daily

Hearty Meat, Vegetable, Rice and Pasta Soups as well as Creamy Soups and Chowders made daily throughout the week!

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